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It is my pleasure to introduce our company to you.

Sinft Filter Company is a professional filter maker leader in applied filter products. Our vision is to provide High Quality and Professional Services timely to our customers and serve you our best favor and relations.

We have a lot of experience in manufacturing filter elements for different Industries, such as Marine industry, Hydraulic industry, Chemical & Fiber industry, Coal & Mining industry, Paint industry, etc. We can offer you the best solution on your filtering system. We can make hydraulic oil filter element, stainless steel filter element, Boll filter elements, replacement filter element, and offer you best techical design for your requirements. You can feel free to contact us anytime. That will be a good beginning for your business. Just do not hesitate to send us your needs.


Our Team

Ailcy liu

Sales Manager

Email: sales@sinftfilter.com

Skype: sinftsales2

Hello! Welcome to SINFT. This is Ailcy, the Sales Manager of Sinft Company, I will be always on line for your service.