Why do filters need to be installed on the car’s painting process?

Why do filters need to be installed on the car’s painting process?

 Why do filters need to be installed on the cars painting process?  

In painting industry, the spray equipment is very common and popular. If you know the painting gun structure well, you will find that the filtering structure is an important process for the application. Why do we need filtering structure in the painting equipment? That is why we need the filtering in the cars painting process.


The application of paint filters

In fact, every paint gun has a filtering structure. Some of them are simple, such as filter wire mesh, wire mesh tube, disc, etc. Some of them are a littler complicated filter equipment, such as strainer, cartridge, elements, etc.

airless filter for sprayer gun


The filtering must exist during the painting processing for cars.

If there is no filtering effect in spraying paint, the final result of the painting is usually quite bad, and often appear in the film surface: foaming, pinhole, grain, shrinkage, bite bottom, slow drying, loss of light, matte white, dumb, sagging, wrinkle, cracking off, it serious influence the beauty of the whole vehicle.


Based on the above reasons, in the automotive industry, even it is airless spray gun or electrostatic spray gun, they usually install the spray gun filter element, airless filters, inlet insert, strainers, etc. Due to the airless filters installation of the paint sprayer gun filter device, the service life of the painting equipment will also be improved.