Stainless Basket Filter Element

Stainless Basket Filter Element

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Stainless Basket Filter Element Detailed Introduction

Basket Filter Element be used in filtration and low contamination, The contamination collects in the basket and can be removed easily.




For filtering all liquids; For installation into suction or pressure pipework to protect equipment down-stream(valves; gate valves; pressure-gauges; pipework etc.) against damage by accumulation of dirt or sludge. 


Technical Specification


Filter-elements either star-pleated or of basket-type; to choice, both with stainless steel mesh. 

Material: smooth or folded stainless steel 316L filter cloth, SS304, SS316, SS314L,

Temperature: up to 250°C

Micron rating: 25µ to 10mm

We deliver high-quality Star- Pleated Elements, Basket and Ring Sieves in Stainless Steel design with particularly pleated filter media which offer a very good filtrate quality and a long durability.

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