Stainless Wire Mesh Filter Element

Stainless Wire Mesh Filter Element

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Stainless Wire Mesh Filter Element Detailed Introduction

SINFT offers you the Stainless Wire Mesh Filter Element which is made of stainless steel perforated sheet, stainless steel weaving wire mesh and stainless steel sintered wire mesh.

As filtration media, this kind of filter element is usually used where the fluid enters and/or leaves a container or component. Aperture of the wire meshes varies with the particular filter element while the wire mesh filter element removes normally only the larger particles of contamination from the fluid.




Stainless Wire Mesh Filter Element is usually used for Filtration System for industry, such as Chemical industry, Marine industry, Paint Industry, etc.




* large filter surfaces, long service times

* precisely defined grades of filtration

* systematic removal of filtered particles

* precise backflushing device

* backflushing without interrupting operation

* low pressure losses

* low maintenance

* low operating costs

* long life time

* simple handling

* switch-over without pressure shock


SINFT Wire Mesh Filter Elements are using our high quality wire mesh. That will be promise you our quality and competitive price.


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