Stainless Steel Melt Filter Element

Stainless Steel Melt Filter Element

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Stainless Steel Melt Filter Element Detailed Introduction

Two main filter materials for Stainless steel melt filter element: Stainless steel sintered fiber felt and Stainless steel woven wire mesh.

Stainless steel melt filter element:

Stainless steel sintered fiber is a filter material made of stainless steel fibers random arranged and sintered in high temperature. The sintered web is supported with two or more layers of woven wire cloth, and pleated and finished with high-precision welding.

Polymer pleated melt filter cartridge made of sintered metal fiber has the advantages of high porosity, good air permeability, high dirt holding capacity, can be used repeatedly, etc.

The stainless steel woven wire meshes with coarse opening and fine opening are arranged in different layers, then pleated. It has the advantages of smooth pore, easy to wash, resistant to high temperature & corrosion, firm structure, long working life etc.


Melt Filter Element Application:





1. Polyester, filament, short silk, film production polymer melts in the filtering;

2. High temperature gas, steam filtration;

3. High temperature liquid, viscous liquid filtration.


Detail Information:





Pleated melt filter elements have one apparent advantage over cylindrical filter elements: Over three to four times of the extended filtration areas. This means lower differential pressures, greater dirt-holding capacity and longer on-stream life, and saving of cost in long term uses. Though pleated candle filter elements cost higher than cylindrical filter elements due to the material cost, processing cost, they are still popularly used in polymer melt processing.

Features: Large filtration area(5-10 times than normal cartridge shape filter element, large filtering rate range(1-300 µm)

Connectors: Standard connector(such as 222,220,226), fast connector, threaded connector, flange connector, bars, special customized connector.

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